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Installing New Energy Efficient Windows

One of the biggest problems many homeowners face is traditional sash windows that are overly drafty and then extremely inefficient and cold. This can also be because of the level of glazing. It could be that you only have 3mm of glass and then there’s the convection that would be in play as well as the draught coming through the side of the frames. Overall, this is the perfect storm for an uncomfortable property to live in.

Old and weathered window frame and pane with condensation

Old and weathered window frame and pane with condensation

So in this article we going to take a good look at how you can save electric and energy through high quality sash window replacements. New sash windows can be extremely expensive and therefore it makes a lot of sense to do your homework. We will also be taking a look at some of the best suppliers of these new sash windows and what you can expect in terms of energy savings and ultimately what you can knock off your electric bill.

New sash windows?

New sash windows are manufactured and often custom bespoke made because all of the Victorian properties, particularly in London, were built without standard sizing. This means that you could go literally to the house next door and find that the windows might be a couple of inches different in size by height and width. This is because as the windows (and houses as well) were built one by one along the road, there wasn’t really any kind of set regime. Whilst they all look the same there are small differences in between. This is basically because they are completely hand crafted and individually made.

Victorian Home Window Architecture

Victorian Home Window Architecture

That means that you need to find a sash windows specialist that is more than willing to handcraft, custom make your sash windows. Typically new sash windows will come with either double or triple glazing. It’s even known now that quadruple glazing is becoming fashionable too. The only problem with the thicker glazing is that as the width goes up, you find a situation where the sash itself becomes a little bit chunky and not at all as pretty and elegant as it used to be.

Saving energy with new sash windows.

Saving energy with new sash windows is the easy bit, previously traditional sliding sash windows with only have single glazing, and this could be as little as 3mm as I’ve already mentioned and of course if you upgrade this to double glazing with 4mm glass with an air space and then another 4mm of glass, and then you also add comprehensive draught proofing systems as well you’ll find yourself in a situation where your windows are far more thermally efficient. Not to mention that almost all new sash windows these days come with Argon filled double glazed units as I found when I read on London sash window repairs Ltd website. It will completely change the ambiance of the room and leave your home more than more comfortable. Not only will you be more comfortable, the electricity and heating gas bill will be significantly reduced because you’re turn the heating off way before what you used to do.

There’s also some additional benefits to having new sash windows, and that is that by having extra glass and spacer in between two panes of glass you actually reduce the amount of noise ingress and pollution to the property as well. that’s a real bonus if you’re somewhere that’s really busy and noisy. Not only getting the benefits of the heating and energy saved, also getting an improved living standard in your home as well.

Personally, if I was having new sash windows, I would ensure that they are custom handmade and that they are at the very minimum double glazed. It would make a lot of sense to have triple glazed sash windows if you can afford the extra budget. The difference in energy across a long period of time will result in an overall saving. It’s well known new sash windows are extremely expensive, but it’s definitely the way forward and if you’re planning on staying in a property for quite some time then it’s an excellent investment. Not only will you get to enjoy the higher comfort and lower energy bills, when it comes to selling your property it’ll be all the more desirable two.