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Energy Reduction

Kitchen energy reducing tips:

  • Turn up the fridge. It only needs to be 4C in order to keep food from spoiling.

  • Defrost the freezer, so that it works more efficiently.
  • Downsize your appliances – cook with the microwave or a toaster oven whenever possible, they use a fraction of the energy the stove does.

  • When you do cook on the stove, put lids on the pots (allowing you to cook at a lower setting), don’t preheat the oven unless you’re baking a dessert, and turn off the oven a few minutes before you’re finished cooking (as long as the door is closed, the temperature will stay steady for several minutes).
  • Fill your kettle or coffee maker with only the amount of water you actually need, it will boil in less time.

  • Invest in the most efficient appliances you can, the reduced energy use will repay your investment sooner than you might think.
  • And if you are replacing your appliances, get the largest fridge/freezer that your kitchen will accommodate, so that you won’t need a second in the garage or basement.
  • The dry cycle of the dishwasher is the most energy intensive part of dishwashing. Turn the machine off first, and open the door to let the dishes air dry instead.

Kitchen water saving tips:

  • Buy an aerator for the sink faucet. If you leave the faucet running to rinse your dishes, this small investment will pay for itself in a matter of weeks, not to mention save gallons of water.

  • Make sure that your dishwasher is full when you run it, to get the most out of the water it uses. If you have to run a smaller load, check to see if you can adjust the load size setting on your machine.

  • Pay attention to what goes down the drain. The more solid and chemical waste that goes into our sewage, the more energy is spent purifying the water. So skip the garburator (now that you’re composting, you don’t need it anyway), and switch to natural cleaning products. You’d be amazed at what baking soda and lemon concentrate can do.

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