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Information on General Electric Ranges

Cost of General Electric Ranges

General electric manufactures gas and electric ranges in a wide range of prices. Consumers can purchase ranges by general electric for as little as a few hundred pounds to well over two thousand pounds. One of general electric’s more expensive ranges available for around £2,800 is the GE Profile 30-inch, stainless steel, freestanding electric range. The GE Profile 30-inch, self-cleaning convection gas range is available for around £1,900. The GE 30-inch freestanding electric range can be purchased new for as little as £450.

Gas-Powered and Electric Ranges

Both gas-powered and electric ranges can be purchased from general electric range distributors. Modern gas and electric ranges typically perform at the same efficiencies. One of the biggest differences between the two types of ranges is price.

Electric ranges are generally cheaper than gas ranges. Gas ranges are also better at regulating heat. Gas ranges cool down quicker than electric ranges.



General Electric Range Features

General electric ranges offer a variety of features. Consumers can purchase ranges that feature coil or smooth cook top burners. Certain ranges by general electric are available in different colours like black, white or silver. Stainless steel ranges are available at the higher end of the cost spectrum of general electric ranges. Some ranges have a self-clean feature making cleaning easier on the consumer.

General Electric Range Configuration

The company offers ranges with various configurations. Consumers can purchase general electric ranges with double ovens. They can also choose from ranges with baking drawers, ranges with warming drawers or ranges with baking drawers and storage drawers. Most ranges are available with four top burners.

Facts on General Electric Ranges

General electric currently offers ranges that are 24 inches, 27 inches or 30 inches in width. The company offers rebates on several of their models of ranges. General electric offers three different brands of ranges including GE, GE Café and GE Profile. The Enhanced Big ClearView window in some general electric ranges is one of the largest range windows on the market, according to the manufacturer.

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